Sunday, November 11, 2007

brand new babies

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This brand new baby, our neice Alice Olivia, decided to make her appearance a few days early and arrived without much warning on Thursday. We went to see her on Saturday and I must say she is quite the petite little girl, with delicate hands (and long nails already!).

When I found out about her conception, I cried and refused to speak to my brother (her father) for a month. I cried again when I got her shower invite. When I found out she had made her appearance, I felt totally calm. I'm glad the pain of infertility doesn't extend to the babies themselves anymore. I was happy to see her and happy to hold her little tiny body (she is the smallest of the bunch so far at 6lbs. 14oz.).

So it's all good. I hope this pregnancy turns into a real live baby for our house next year. So far, so good. Only symptoms so far are sore boobs -- which are not helped when toddlers climb all over Aunt Sarah -- and a tiny bit of naseau this morning.

We told my family yesterday in a very low key way and they were all pleased but are all very nervous, as we all are I guess. I hadn't realized how much all of it had affected them too. It's good though that they are so real I think. No overly crazy plan making (except by my eternally optimistic DH). Just quiet excitement. And a gift from my mom -- an adorable baby sized quilt in a safari flannel I picked out years ago for a our someday babies. Mom started it when I was pregnant in August and finished it despite the crappy outcome. She decided she might as well give it to us now. I've been cuddling up with it, hoping the good grandma vibes let this one know how very much we all want it to be real.


Alison said...

Om my, she is beautiful. Imagine the pictures you'll be posting in 9 months time!

SaraS-P said...

I hope the little one in your arms in 9 months or so is your own precious baby!

(Lovely niece, BTW)