Friday, December 14, 2007

10 weeks

My symptoms – sore giant boobs, stretching and pulling in abdomen, crazy tired, and all day nausea – disappeared on Monday. I was less tired and less nauseous and the rest of them just went away. I was okay for one day. And then two. And then I made the situation worse by having sex this morning with my hubby. It was our first time since the BFP and I thought it would make me feel better. Only it made me feel worse. I spotted all morning. Accompanied by a bunch of nothing, it sent me into a tailspin.

I called my OBs office and I think my crying convinced the nurse to bring me in. Dh and I got there two hours later and I was still a wreck. Thank goodness they are so patient. My doc did a quick abdominal u/s which revealed a beautiful beating heart (still no measurement of it, even though I asked!) and a wiggly worm of a fetus. She was pleased and I was very relieved. And she didn’t even make me feel crazy.

She also tried the Doppler but couldn’t pick up the fetus’ heartbeat – only mine. Which was fine since I already knew all was well and that it was a little early for the Doppler.

I also got a chance to ask her about the screening. I explained my concern and she said she totally understood and that the NT scan they do is a combined or sequential screen that is two blood tests combined with the scan to give one overall number that includes the risk for NTDs. I was much relieved and will schedule it asap.

She told me to just enjoy feeling good while I can and know that all is looking well. I go back in two weeks for another check up.


SaraS-P said...

Great news!

Alison said...

I'm glad it all turned out well!

Anonymous said...
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Cibele said...

Glad that the baby is doing fine. I had the same experience at 10 weeks, my symptoms went away and I freaked out, I also had some spotting and had to rush to the doc's office to have a sono done... I am currently 23 weeks. Just take it easy for a few days