Thursday, August 23, 2007

hope is being a bitch

For those of you who read this who aren't interested in conception, stop reading. ;) For the others, WTF? I'm two days late. I'm never late. This wouldn't be a big deal, but the lateless has invited hope to my house and um, we don't really get along that well. She's screwed me too many times to count. And I told her not to come back until I can get on an IVF calendar in the fall. Why is she messing with me???? Why now?

In other news, I got written confirmation today that the new insurance does in fact cover IVF. Unless my doc is really good at working the insurance company, I doubt it will cover the whole thing (there is a $5K per person lifetime limit), but it will seriously save my butt financially. We just could not afford to pay for it on our own. So I will take the coverage they have offerred and be thankful. Some really is better than none.

And if this whole late thing pans out to be the very very unexpected, I might die laughing at the joke. Switch insurance to get coverage and find out you are pregnant? That is a piece of assvice even I haven't heard before.


Kristin said...


I don't think we've received your free fabric friday email. We tried to contact you from a couple of different email addresses, but maybe you didn't receive them.? Sometimes spam boxes are tough to get through. Can you email with your 1 yard of fabric choice and address?

Heather said...

Are you going to test?