Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tiny babies

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We were celebrating my mom's bday this weekend with my brothers, their wives and their kids (4 between them). The oldest nephew wanted to play jumpy on the couch with me. I told him I couldn't and when asked why, his mom asked him what was in the tummies of Aunt Sarah and Aunt Katie. He said, "Babies." When asked what kind, he said, "Tiny babies." It was so true and so sweet and I keep playing it over and over again in my head.

I'm now 28w4d and feeling the lion cub kicking up a storm most days. Last Wednesday, I had a sinus infection and was feeling terrible when he had a really big episode of furious jabs and DH finally got to feel him move again after weeks of waiting. The jabs were so big it freaked DH out! and he asked if the baby was okay. Yup, the giant jabs are proof of that. LOL.

Tonight while watching our beloved Sharks win game 7 in the first round, the little one was active all evening, giving big kicks after each goal and lots of rolling movement. It is such a joy I almost can't imagine giving it up to meet him.

But meet him we will, in 80 days or so. My list of things to do before the baby comes is long and daunting but I have to keep my head up and hope that it will all just get done. Maybe a load of baby onsies will make me feel more prepared. :)


Familyof2 said...

I want to THANK YOU for your comments on my blog! You have given me GREAT comfort! I guess if my level is low enough on Saturday then I can start the Nuva Ring! You are wonderful!!!

Dr. Grumbles said...

Lovely tiny babies!

SeaStar said...

Sarah, Thanks for your comments on my new blog today. I came to visit yours and find the comment on "tiny babies" precious. I wish your whole pride of lions well.

Geohde said...


Tiny babies is a very cute way to put it.

Oh, and I never get tired of feeling movement. Amazes me every time,