Monday, June 23, 2008


Day at the beach 37w2d
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I'm still pregnant. The oh so promising contractions of Thursday petered out by Friday. I really thought he would be here by now, but he is still kicking it on the inside.

It's been hot here for days and days and by Sunday, hubby and I just couldn't take it any more. I couldn't even decide what I wanted to do, I just wanted out. We had already been to two movies in 48 hours and had nothing left on our to do list. I was about to cry when hubby suggested a road trip to the city to deliver a baby gift to a dear friend who is due with their first two days after us.

Thankfully they were home and up for a short visit! It saved my sanity! While we were there we visited the beach where we had our engagement pics taken and did a little photo shoot with our new camera and a tripod. I love my giant baby belly (stretch marks and all) and wanted to make sure it was documented in all it's glory.

Not much else new -- just heartburn and a creaky pelvis -- while we wait not so patiently to meet our little guy.


Michell said...

Well at least your doctor should be back from vacation shouldn't he?? Glad you got to get out and do something. And if it's hot there that sort of ruins my idea to leave Sac for the day and go somewhere cooler like the bay area.

SAHW said...

I found you through comments at Stirrup Queens b/c I was intrigued by your story. I did some backreading...congratulations, you've been through a lot to get where you are! I hope the birth goes well and everything else is smooth sailing.

SeaStar said...

Sarah, thanks for commenting on my blog. Blessings for you on this pregnancy which has stayed the course. You also have my empathy
(from many years ago) about being largely pregnant in the summer! Hope you get to meet the little guy soon and happily, safely.

docgrumbles said...

well, when it does finally happen I can't wait to read about it!