Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Yesterday, Charlie and I slept in and then we:

Got dressed (biggest accomplishment of most days)
Left the House (Yay us!)
Went to the gas station
Tried to deposit a check at the bank (the ATM said no. Boooo!)
Got a latte for me at the drive thru Starbucks (not having to get baby out of the car to get hot coffee … priceless)
Put baby in bjorn to go to Trader.Joe’s.
Bought enough groceries for three weeks it seems

Got home and put sleeping baby in swing (God’s gift to parents who like to eat or pee or shower)
Tried to put away groceries
Got grossed out by disgusting fridge.
Cleaned fridge (gross)
Broke almost new jar of strawberry jam (darn it!)
Put away groceries in clean fridge.
Sterilized pacifiers and pump parts.
Swept/vacuumed floor (thank you Dad for the crazy genius swiffer vacuum), even under the sofas (omg it was gross under there!).

All before noon. Go me! LOL.


K @ ourboxofrain said...

I am truly impressed. These days, if I accomplish any one of those things during a day, let alone by noon, I feel a sense of accomplishment.

IVF 4 Dummies said...

All before NOON? *applause*
Now I'm off to get the Swiffer Vac thing. I've been checking it out myself...

Geohde said...

My days are similar. A whirl of activity.....


docgrumbles said...

sounds busy to me!