Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Maternity leave begins now

So, I’m on maternity leave. My doc’s partner decided today that I am done with work. My bp has been rising since my 29 week appointment last week and today it hit their limit.

I guess I should back up. My bp hit their limit at home this morning and I called to find out what to do next. I was only able to get in to see them at the end of the day. Before I could get there I had some spotting and freaked out and demanded to get in right away. DH met me there and we waited for over an hour. I would have lost my mind if the lion cub hadn’t been putting on a show the whole time. I could feel that he was fine.

Anyway, there is no protein in my urine and I have no other signs of pre-e (no swelling, headache, etc). Ob decided that the rise in bp means that I need more rest than I am able to get while working so working is out. As of now. She checked my cervix and it is closed and hard and measuring fine (I forgot to ask what it was). She couldn’t find a source for the spotting. The baby is now head down and still active. My placenta is anterior lateral on my right side. She checked his fluid and it was hard to find. Uh oh. The total was 6.7 and she was looking for 10. She said it was borderline and that we could keep an eye on it weekly from here on out. If it drops to 5, that changes things. I was too preoccupied to ask how.

She has ordered a Doppler of his umbilical cord every 3 weeks to make sure it is functioning properly. I have weekly appointments for non-stress tests and fluid checks. She added a blood pressure drug to my current low dose of nefedipine after consultation with my regular OB. Normally you wouldn’t take them together but one is a very low dose so they decided it would be okay. I am to take it easy (preferably lying on my side), drink lots of water, and rest up. She said that I can attend my shower on the 18th but I am to act queen like and let people wait on me.

So, no more work. I filled out my disability paperwork and sent my last emails. My bosses are great and more worried about me and baby than any work I didn’t finish.

It isn’t what I expected today to be like but I will do whatever I need to do to take care of my boy.


Elizabeth said...

Hey - sorry to hear about your hypertension (via LFCA). I'm more or less in the same boat right now - hang in there!

Kristen said...

Ugh, I'm sorry to hear about your BP but so glad everything is going ok with you and the lion cub. Take care of you both! XOXO

Mrs. Spit said...

Hey, I'm here from Lost And Found. It sounds like you are doing ok, and I'm glad they caught this. Good luck, and if you have questions, I might be able to help you - I had pre-e, but with totally different circumstances than yours.

Geohde said...

Sorry about the preg induced HT. Sounds like things are being closely monitored and fingers crossed on your behalf,


Dr. Grumbles said...

I am glad they are keeping a close watch on you.

Michell said...

Visiting here from Lost and Found.
Sorry about the elevated blood pressure and the bed rest. I hope that the time goes by somewhat quickly and that things go well. Oh and I love the tops you made in the previous post.