Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Damn it

The beta numbers aren't falling properly. Here's the recap:
4w6d 198
5w1d 225
5w3d 150 or so
5w5d 78
6w2d 53
6w5d 78

WTF? I've been spotting and cramping since 5w3d and it intesified last week after I stopped the progesterone suppositories. I had light bleeding with lots of clots this weekend but nothing like the heavy bleeding I was expecting. My doc called me this morning, concerned that things are not progressing properly. She gave me several options, all of which suck. I feel like I am now ready to go in and get this over with as quickly as possible but I don't know which option to choose. Any advice?

Here are the choices:
1. Suction with no anesthetic (holy mother of god that sounds awful).
2. D&C with concious sedation. I didn't do well with similar sedation for a hysteroscopy with polypectomy (which involved a d&C) so this terrifies me but sounds like the best option.
3. shot of methotrexate. should work but i'd still have several more days of cramping and bleeding at home which I just don't want.
4. laproscopy to identify ectopic. doc does not recommend this but i sort of want one anyway to figure out what is up with my tubes (which are already suspect) and figure they might be able to see whether I have endo (though I'm not sure that would do me any good).

Help. Now I'm lost.


SaraS-P said...

Ugh...I have no idea what would be best. I haven't heard anything good about any of those options. I really hope you don't have an ectopic.

Sherry said...

Sarah -

Boy, do I wish you didn't have to choose any of these options.

Unfortunately being a veteran, I would recommend against the non- anesthetic course. With quite a high degree of certainty, I would say you won't want to be awake for any of this - and you will want a dose of good pain meds to boot.

Not sure what your past problems were with sedation - but this option would probably offer you the ability to run some tests and see if there was a chromosomal cause for the loss...

Couldn't you have your tubes looked at and endo ruled out without the invasiveness of a lap procedure? Not sure as I don't have a lot of experience with that . . .

I'm thinking of you though and hoping this resolves itself soon. So sorry you have to go through this - ugh.

Heather said...

I don't have any experience to go off of here - but I vote for anything but number one...that just sounds like it would be horribly painful physically and emotionally.